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when did slavery start

When did slavery start? A question unanswered

Slavery can be termed keeping two people in mind, well one is the boss, the master who has the last word, and his orders are to be followed come what may, on the other side the second person is the one who needs to take orders, he has no liberty to rebel and remains silent even though he is on the right track. The master pays the servant for the services he renders towards him, and other necessities of life, such as the clothing, shelter, and food.

Slavery commenced in antediluvian times and has been adapted from the time then. The slavery of prehistoric times attained its heights in the Roman Empire and Greece. Slavery declined during the middle Ages. Then, from the 1500-1600, the migration of the New humanity by Europeans gave birth to a massive growth of slavery trade. Altering decent outlooks about slavery assisted because its decreasing in the late 1800's. The United States of America banned slavery in the year 1865. Now, slavery is prohibited in almost all countries of the world. However, slavery to this date exists in some parts of South America, Asia, and even Africa. Congress, using supremacy approved by Section 9 of Article I, of the Constitution abolished introduction of slaves in 1808 however, this did not bring any change for those who were already in the United States not even for those who are not born yet.

The development of agricultural activities took their peak when slavery came into existence, which was some odd ten thousands of years ago. It was farming where people engaged their prisoners whom they held caught up after the different wars. During the earliest civilization it was these prisoners who were the major source of working class. There were others who were not able to pay off their debts and some who were criminals, who had no option but to be slaves.

In Mesopotamia the Sumerians were considered to be the foremost slaves in their civilization, this was some odd three thousand B.C. There was slavery in some other parts of the world such as Persia, Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, and Middle East as well. Moreover, it was practiced in India, china, Indians who were in America, as well as the blacks of Africa. There was an increase in slavery trade as industries and agriculture increased. This in turn made is compulsory for the slaves to be skilled for production of goods and services which could be exported.

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