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In United States the African American culture refers to the contribution of cultures of the Africans of Americans decent. There are considered to be different from the American culture or somewhat a part of the American culture. The culture of the African American people lays famous and safe in the history of the African American citizens. The culture of the African American is both enormous as well as distinctly influential to the culture of America, taking the entire aspect together as speaking as a whole.

The roots of the African American culture comes from the very land of Africa. It can be considered to be a well blend of the two most famous cultures the Sahelean culture as well as the sub-Saharan culture of Africa. Though slavery played a very crucial role in it altogether, which restricted the African Americans to practice their rich culture in America, not just this, their culture has still survived, be it their beliefs, values, other practices of the society, and cultural traditions have mixed beautifully with the European American culture as time descended. There are a number of aspects of African American culture that were highlighted by the period of slavery. The outcome is a dynamic and unique culture that continues to have a insightful effect on conventional American culture, not only to that continents, it extends to the broader world as well.

After liberation, distinctive African-American civilization continued to prosper, as idiosyncratic radical or traditions innovations in cuisine, religion, literature, art, music and other fields. Gunnar Myrdal a sociologists from the Twentieth century alleged that African Americans had gone astray with Africa and most of its cultural ties. However, Melville Herskovits, research in the field of anthro-pological as well as others from his group confirmed that there has been a gamut of African culture amongst the Diaspora Africans.

It had been years and the African American kept itself aloof from the main culture of the Americans. There has been a big time discrimination between the races as well as because of the slavery factor. Moreover, the African slaves who were the descendants wished to follow their own homed traditions and would not want to mix with the Americans. In today’s date the African American culture has made its own place and is known all over the world for it culture and tradition, yet remains the fact that it is still a part of the American culture that is again well known in the world.

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