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slavery in the south

Slavery in the south – no better than the others

From the time when the Civil Rights association almost a half century past, blacks has made a long-lasting succession of wants from people who are white, however, the white people have curved every regulation in the paperback to gratify their wants. During the 1960’s however, the white citizens have put in place a lot of laws and regulations to eliminate the race system and granted a lot more consideration towards the equality in the state of America. Now the black residents of America were free to attain whatever they were looking for and wanted from time immortal. There were exceptionally assisting the black people to come up, they were forming affirmative action’s, as well as the helping hands to attain anything they could. This was all done to get the blacks to the mainstream. This was not justified according to the Civil Rights Acts, so the whites put forward the assistance through the quota system where they granted assistance to the blacks on the basis of different races.

There was finally a political decision which the whites took for the betterment of the whites and to avoid the setback the blacks were facing from coming to the mainstream. It has been half a century when all theses privileges and protections were granted to the blacks by the whites. The blacks didn’t find the need to earn anything for themselves; it all came to them through the whites. This situation was considered to be the best for the blacks, as there was none other place in the world where they received such privileges.

The mainstream Americans accepted this fact very sportingly. Moreover, to the fact that now the blacks have gone into the habit of demanding more and more to get to the mainstream rather that getting to earn their own reputation in the community and society. There has been establishment of the systematic racism in order to get a continuing demand for the quotas. This is because the white’s are always going to be the leading dominants in the state of America. There have been universities in America that has put of the logo of whiteness to eliminate this discrimination. Moreover, the blacks have developed a strong society for themselves in the land of America, considering the fact that the acceptance is still not complete from the time they were considered as slaves in this very land. They refuse to accept the culture of the whites and claim that they are going to follow their own cultures, irrespective of the fact that they are living in the land where they are getting quotas and reservations in every field.

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