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Emancipation proclamation

Emancipation proclamation – a final liberty

January’s first day in the Lord’s year 1863, the entire gang of the slavery world that have been kept as slave prisoners in the United States of America, or even in any of its parts that have been politically designated will be standing against the States of America. These slaves were then going to be free for ever, from the slave trade that has been going on for a very drastic phasing in the history of the world, including the executive constitution of the navy as well that of the military. These entire sectors have to consider the slaves to be free for ever, moreover, the orders were passed that there should be no repression against these slaves after they have been left free forever. This was considered to be real freedom for them. Thus finally declaring the Emancipation Proclamation in the year 1863, on the 1st of January.

However, the question arises is that was Lincoln really successful in getting the sole freedom to the slaves of Africa, the disrespected community of the black’s? This was something that every grading school was taught in the classrooms. This was something special; however, it was still something that was made just for the simplification for the students of the grading school. Well considering the fact that this act was passed to free the slave trade in the entire America, it still leaves with the fact that Lincoln what so ever had no constitutional rights to declare such a proclamation and that this was not considered to be complete freedom for the Africans who were living a slaves under the mastery of their cruel American masters.

So, what can one conclude the Emancipation Proclamation could have actually been? This particular idea came to Lincoln in the early months of the year 1862, this was particularly when the armies of the north were getting better and better. Stonewall Jackson's army humiliated the General Pope in August at the Second Manassas which was particularly at the Northern region. This was the reason Lincoln was desperate to get the army at the east to come up and do well in terms of the north.

The Emancipation Proclamation finally had a number of roles to be played they were three in particular. The first was when the Union troops were given altogether new reasons to fight back, Secondly; the idea of Lincoln gave a big time relief to the African black slaves, hoping that they would be free very soon. This however, increased the northern armies’ manpower. Thirdly, it was so proclaimed to keep France and England from the uniting of the confederacy.

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