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Holocaust concentration camps – by the Germans

Scorched Earth, a M-Net documentary, a collection of historians explained how the inhumane and deplorable conditions in concentration camps gave picture of the death of almost of twenty seven thousand Boers, as well as a predictable amount of almost twenty thousand black victims. It marked the bicentenary of the utilization of South Africa concentration camps. The undulation of the disagreement that tracked Emily Hobhouse's disclosure of this British war slaughter is felt in today as well, as exemplified by the very touching thoughts of the M-Net programme. These thoughts stand in harsh disparity to the largely elapsed the past of Namibia's similarly threatening past of the concentration camps.

In Namibia there were five of the concentration camps, and then between the 1904 to another five years these were in the German South West Africa. They were termed as the Konzentrationslagern in the news and went ahead to South African camps in the later two years. In the year 1904-1908 there was this struggle of the anti-colonial, which gave rise to two of the main categorizations which were the Nama that came up in the in the south as well in the central and northern Namibia by the Herero. In the year 1904 during the month of January, finally the war broke between the Namibian’s German Colonial management and the Nation of the Herero. In January 1904 war broke out between the Herero nation and the German colonial administration in Namibia. The migrants were held up by surprise and experienced renumber of crushes in the early periods of the uncoordinated and sporadic war.

The entire picture changed after six months from then. The end of the Herero took place on the 11th of August in north-eastern part of the Waterberg’s battle. The Herero realm was factually deracinate as the people spread all over the land of Kalahari, demanding to escape German castigatory perambulation. The people who did not accomplish reaching Bechuanaland, which is now well known as Botswana, also give way to the wilderness or were captured up by patrols of the German and were captured in concentration camps.

Windhoek was the region in Okahandja was the place where the camps were set up in the year 1904. Later in the year 1905 there were another two of the concentration camps which were established in Lüderitz and Karibib. Considering the statistics of the morality, these camps were horrific specially the ones in the Namibian, concluding in about forty five percent as the morality rate, where the prisoners were kept for more than four years.

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