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Not all the fatalities of the Nazis could be categorized under the group of Jewish. Mixed-race and black people also underwent that disaster. Does anyone of us know that in the 1920's, there were 22,000 African people living in Germany? Well none of us had that information. The article is all about this, how many of those people were under that disaster and how it all started to the very end. The majority of the nations of the West European, as well as that of Germany established camps in Africa somewhere during the late 1800's which however, became Tanzania, Namibia, Cameroon, and Togo, in the later stages. German hereditary experimentation began from there, most predominantly concerning prisoners who were then taken from the 1904 which then during the course of time left fifty thousand African dead by the Heroro Massacre, subsequently left a 4-year rebellion against the German immigration.

After Germany acknowledged in World War I, this was exposed of its African camps in the year 1918. with effect to all this, the French were permitted to inhabit Germany in the regions of the famous area Rhineland which was a harsh piece of colony that has gone in disputes between these nations for almost centuries back and forth. However, the French intentionally set up their colonized soldiers from African as the inhabit force. Germans considered this to be as a final offense of World War I, no sooner than that they voted for the Nazi party which was approximately ninety five percent of it all.

So many of the Rhineland African soldiers got married to the German females and gave birth to children which were grouped as the Black Germans. Hitler wrote about his plans for the Rhineland, in Mein Kampf. In Mein Kampf, Hitler described about his tactics for those 'Rhineland Bastards'. When Hitler came to rule, his orders were intended at the children of the mixed-race. Emphasizing Hitlerís fascination with cultural limpidness, by the end of the 1937, every recognized child from the mixed-race in Rhineland was forcibly untainted, in order to put off the race-polluting, which was termed by Hitler.

One of the Holocaust survivor a black named Hans Hauck, a sufferer of Hitler's compulsory sterilization plan, described in Hitler's-Forgotten-Victims, a film that, when he was compulsory pulled to undertake sterilization he was just a teenager then, and was given no local anesthetic. The moment he was sterilized and received the certificate, he was given freedom and was commanded not to have any sexual relations at all with Germans.

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