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African-Americans have always played very crucial roles in any field they have stepped into, for the era of slavery to the top of the world, they have left a benchmark and are remembered all over the world for their intelligence, and talent. If you are looking in for the inventors from the group of the African-Americans then this article is for you. Here is a list of some of the African-Americans inventors whose inventions have brought a drastic change in human civilization, development and growth of almost every field of the human life aspect.

Well we love potato chips, yummy is it not, however, none of us has ever given it a thought as to from where the idea of potato chips had come. So for those who wish to know here is where it came from? This was a chef who was an African American and his name remains in history as George Crum, it was invented by him in the year 1853. The place where it all started was the Saratoga Springs, in particular the restaurant named Moon Lake Lodge in United States of America. The story behind it begins with a customer who ordered French fries and found them too thick, Crum tried his best to get him thinner pieces of French fries but the customer would not change his mood. Finally Crum tried his part to annoy him, and made the French fries so thin as chips, the reverse happened and the customer was so happy that he recommended everyone of Crum’s recipe.

Philip B, and African American invented the mailbox for letter drop on the streets. He was from Downing. The device was finally implemented on 1891, October the twenty seventh. Another famous inventor from the African American background was Garrett Morgan who invented the gas mask for the patients. He considered the risk of life for the people who used to get caught in the toxic mines underground. This resulted further in the invention of the gas mask for the Army of the United States. So another example of the African American talent.

We love light bulbs and are so helpless without it, well did we ever think of where it came from? L.W. Latimer WAS THE African American who is behind it. He was a member of the research team of Edison's, and was termed as the Edison's Pioneers. It was he who further made it all the more better by inventing the carbon filament bulb.

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