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African American slavery

African American slavery - a sad historic event

There was a very big number of African who were shipped to the land of America to be slaves for eternity, they were some who were the prisoners of war others were shipped by their parents who were sent on a contractual basis for a few years, not knowing of the disaster that was heading them, well they were legally sent for few years, however, they were kept for a lifetime, though most of them were not fortunate enough to make it to their life time as most of them expired due to the physical and mental harassments they went through because of their American masters, who were not just cruel but were inhuman beyond the boundaries of any humanity.

The African slaves were mainly brought to the land of America because of commercial purposes, especially for the plantations as well as the mines, they were turned from servants to slaves and kept in for hard labor. There was a view point of many of the American masters that African slavery was a very legal act, which they realized during the course of time. There were some of the slaves who were allowed to own legal properties, could go to the court for rectifications, could even have families of their own, and were given the right to get married to people of their own community. There was even liberty to some of the slaves where they were given the freedom to earn money for themselves, so that they can add it up to get themselves freedom for ever from the hands of the cruel American masters.

African blacks were the major number of slaves in the States of America. It somehow became a kind of tradition to bring slaves in America particularly from Africa for their large plantations in South which was of crops and particularly the cotton plantations. This was so because these plantations were huge and required a big number of workers to be on the field most of the time. There was no such requirement for the residents in the north as there were a very few farms that possessed a big requirement of labors. They were then called the field hands later when the trend went on to its peak in the early eighteen hundred is required them to do two of the major jobs one was to pick cotton from the plantations and the other one was to plant them.

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