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african elephant

If there are the largest numbers of land animals on the earth, then they are only the African elephants. However, the only difference between the elephants with those of the Asian ones is that they are slightly different in terms of their ears; well their ears are slightly larger than the Asian ones and are look wise somewhat like the African continent. Elephant ears emit temperature to assist keep these huge animals calm, however every now and then the African high temperature is moreover much as compared to other places. Elephants are affectionate of dampness and like showering by water sucking hooked on to their trunks and pouring it all on to themselves. Later, they over and over again spurt their coat with a defensive coating of sand.

The trunk of the elephant is a very lengthy nose that they use for drinking, trumpeting, breathing, smelling and moreover, for getting hold of things, not forgetting their tempting meals in the jungle, with loads for trees and leaves they love to eat and relish on. There are approximately one lack muscles alone in their trunk, wonder why they are so active, as they have to do so much with their trunk. There are two features of African elephants; these features are like the finger, this is what helps them to grab the objects they want to attain. On the contrary the others have only one.

Both the female as well as the African elephants possess the so called tusks to fight with one another, the male ones in particularly. Probably they use it to get food and water with their tusks. They thus prove to be dangerous most of the time. The reason the ivory is so precious to the humans, people kill them for this reason and make money beyond what we can even think of. However, this kind of practice is illegal and has been prohibited most of the time, yet the fact remains that it has not been eliminated completely from the land of Africa. African elephants eat bark, fruits, grasses, and roots and you bet they love them beyond measures. Talking of their per day meal it comes to three hundred pounds per elephant per day. Coming to their sleep these African elephants do not love to sleep, hence, their sleep is limited. They love spending roaming from one place to another in search of food and water. They move in herds and love one anotherís company, keeping each other and the little ones protected.

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