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A hairstyle is important in forming a good perception of the people around us. Hairstyle is the first thing that we observe in a person when we meet them for the first time. Thus, it is important to keep the hair in good condition with a good style. This would create a favorable impression.

African American hair is dry, brittle and curly. This is due to its structure due to which there is difficulty in movement of the natural oils from the scalp towards hair end. One of the hairstyles is sectioning the hair, plaiting and tying it back. One can also wrap it with a scarf. This reduces the tangles and breaking of hair. Another hairstyle is the bang trim. It can be cut by taking a small section, twisting it few times, moving the fingers up or below the twist, then cutting it in a vertical direction at the bottom, combing the bangs down, seeing how they look. Stray hair should be snipped horizontally. All of the small sections should be similarly cut.

Another hairstyle for long hair is creating textures. It gives an interesting and alluring look. A textured hairstyle has many advantages. It softens harsh angles, increases the volume of the hair, and highlights the best features while hiding others. A large number of alterations can be achieved with layered hairstyles with soft as well as dynamic layers. The most popular among the textured hairstyles is the messy hairstyle. They are alluring and easy in creation even for the inexperienced people. To create a messy hairstyle, one should pay attention to the technique of blow drying and using only high quality products of styling which would give the perfect finish.

One of the African American hairstyles is the long curly hairstyle of Angela Simmons with long layers and the casual wavy hairstyle of Beyonce. Another hairstyle is the short angled bob one of Vivica Fox. This is one which is elevated in back with layers which are long and face-framing. This hairstyle is suitable for hair which is medium and thick.

Another hairstyle is the relaxed long sleek one. It is for long and straight hair. It looks great with faux-bangs which are pinned up. One can blow-dry the hair with a brush which is flat-backed, while pulling the hair downward. One should flat-iron, thus polishing the ends. One of the attractive hairstyles is the long deep waves one in which the distinctive feature is the waves flowing in the same direction. Some other hairstyles are Straw Curls hairstyle and Caira New Pixie hairstyle.

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