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Women of Brewster Place, Wiz, The, Within Our Gates, When We Were Kings, What's Love Got to Do With It?, Waiting to Exhale, Uptown Saturday Night, Trading Places, Superfly, Stormy Weather, Sparkle, She's Gotta Have It, Shaft, Sergeant Rutledge, Soul Food, Soldier's Story, Sister Act, Hoop Dreams, Hollywood Shuffle, Buffalo Soldiers, Buck and the Preacher, Brian's Song, Boyz 'N the Hood, Body and Soul, Blood of Jesus, Amistad, Alex Haley's Queen, 4 Little Girls, 48 Hrs, are some of the huge list of famous that the African American community has given as a gift to the entertainment world. Not just these movies have been a great source of inspiration, motivation and a big support to the human value system of the entire world.

Be it the comedy of stories of the tragedy, the African American directors have brought the realities of life so beautifully to the world of cinema that people do not consider some of the old movies as classical, moreover, they are presented before the young generation as an example to train them of human behavior and sensitivity toward the values that people have left long back. The directors and writers of the movies have developed a strong bond between the viewers and makers of the movies which has given them the space and recognition in the world of science, education, music, politics, culture, manhood, comedy, tragedy, emotions and much more, even more than the words can explain. Their movies bring tears to the eyes of the viewers, and happiness to he ones who are lonely and feel lost.

Building a strong corner stone in the industry of the films, these African Americanís have not stopped yet, in todayís generation there are directors and story writers that have made a strong impact on the foundations of the youth of the worldwide. Teaching them the dedication they need to put in towards their, nations, relations, families, friend circle, and as individuals. Their movies have been classrooms for many who considered to the fact that the world is limited to them. The realization of being humans is displayed in their movies.

There are actors all over the world who wish to be part of their movies. Who knew that the race which was once considered to be slaves is now the benchmark creators of the world of entertainment? They are growing ever since they stepped into the film industry, and are presenting the facts and figures of the world to the public to bring awareness, building bond between nations and bringing happiness on faces that are lost and weary.

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