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History has a lot to tell us about famous African Americans, well as for this article it can be summoned to be a brief descriptions on all the African Americans who brought a milestone point in the history of the world. However, the list mentioned below is not emphasizing any particular are or field of excellence by these great personalities. So read on to explore all the living as well as the personalities who are no more.

George Washington Carver, who was born in the year 1864, is the leading inspiration for the agriculturists. He is a landmark of dedication in the history of African Americans as well as the entire world. A single recommendation of learning has trounced the hardships and sufferings of slavery of the African Americans lives. He was the African American who was the second to make it into the hall of celebrity. He however, achieved his ambition as the furthermost agriculturists and comparatively and much more than that. Benefit for mankind was the motive of his very existence.

When it came to music, there is one name that puts its foot first, people remember this awesome legend as the greatest music composer, song-writer, singer, Michael Jackson. This magnificent personality was born in the year 1958, on the 29th of August, in the land of Indiana. His dedication and passion for music has given pop music to the world.

Muhammad Ali, a name that gives inspiration to every soul that hears about his story and life history. Born in Kentucky, this personality was an armature boxer won about hundred of the hundred and eighty matches, and was a light heavy weight champion, a very important personality in the history of sports. He won the recognition of the personality of the century by the BBC Sports in the year 1999.

Coming to the next personality, the one name that even children are aware of, well he is none other than the Tiger Woods. Named as the Eldrick woods, born in California, in the year 1975, on the 30th of December. He won the 1997, US Masters of Golf at Augusta. At the age of 21 he had almost received all the recognition as a golfer over the world.

William Edward Dubois, was an African American who was much more than words can say, he was leader, poet, philosopher, sociologist, historian, author, and an educator as well. The history of the world remembers him with great respect and honor.

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