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African holocaust facts Ė the road to triumph and tragedies

There is a necessity to come across carefully at the African history, bad and good. If people from African are to be knowledgeable to look at a new realism on the eve of the 21st century, then that leaves us with the fact that we must be aware of the bad times as well as the bad times. People should also be acquainted with that past has not made Africans and Africa an extraordinary case. When the great history is unfolded, Africans have played every responsibility from buffoon to saint and we require learning how to live with the bad times with the good times every time. People need to comprehend the tragedies as well as the triumphs in African history.

At the last part of the very last of the Africanís three golden ages, people entered a time period of external and internal tragedy, partly of the African making, however mainly forced on the people by outsiders in a look for of new terrain, new power and new reserves. The Africanís made the dreadful blunder of judgment by thought that some strangers could stay in the land as an internal family and internal disputes. In its place of reconciling the African family disagreements, the outsiders turned them; one aligned with the other, and dominated both the parties. This is the enormous blunder Africans made in the 15th and the 16th centuries at the end of the third golden age of Africa. It is the furthermost blunder the Africanís are making right at the present. This blunder grows out of our misunderstanding of our utmost power which is our worldwide humankind.

As humans the Africanís have always been very welcoming to foreigners. The disadvantage in this righteous gesticulation is that Africanís have not been vigilant enough and apprehensive enough to scrutinize the purpose of the foreigners that they have invited into their houses. Allowing often in the African history to come in foreign guests and stay as vanquishers.

This is, at slightest in fraction, why and how the trade of slavery started. You cannot elucidate the slave trade and justify or vindicate the European contribution in the trade of slavery by saying that some of the Africans were in it and traded Europeans with the slaves. In some regions and instances in, this was mostly true. One cannot defend the European slavery trading by saying that it was accomplished among the Africans prior to the coming of the Europeans. Well it was true when it came to some of the regions of the African land.

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